Simple Steps You Can Take At Home To Prevent Cat Urinary Tract Infection

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With the high cost of veterinary care these days, many cat owners are interested in what they can do to prevent the expense and stress of painful cat urinary problems.  Here are some things you can do at home to prevent cat urinary tract infection, or cat UTI.

What’s The Most Common Cause Of Cat Urinary Tract Infection?

Cat bladder stones are at the root of many feline urinary problems, from a cat blockage, to feline cystitis.  Stones in your cat’s bladder can block his urethra, causing a complete cat urinary blockage that will be fatal within a couple of days if left untreated.  

The sharp edges of feline bladder stones can also irritate and inflame the walls of your cat’s bladder, leading to cat bladder infection.  

How Can Cat Bladder Stones Be Prevented?

Diet is the most important factor in the development of feline bladder stones.  Most cat owners don’t realize that by feeding their cats dry food, they’re setting them up for feline urinary problems.  Why is this?

It’s because cats are meant to get most of their water from their food.  You may have noticed that your cat doesn’t drink much water, and this is why.  It’s difficult for a cat that eats only dry food to drink enough water to prevent feline bladder problems.  When a cat isn’t drinking enough water, his urine is very concentrated.  

This is bad for two reasons.  First, toxins and excess minerals are not being flushed out of your cat’s body.  The second reason is that the minerals can begin to clump together to form cat bladder stones.  When this happens, a cat urinary blockage usually isn’t far off.

It’s a known fact that by increasing the amount of water going through your cat, you can decrease the incidence of cat UTI.

Feeding Canned Cat Food Can Prevent Feline Cystitis

Canned cat food has a moisture level of around 75%, which is much higher than dry food, with a moisture level of less than 10%.  Just by changing your cat’s diet, you can prevent many cat urinary problems.

You’ll also want to make sure your cat always has access to lots of pure, clean, water.  It can often be a challenge to get your cat to drink enough water.  Sometimes adding a little chicken broth to his food will make him thirsty enough to drink more.  

Cats usually drink water after they eat, so by dividing his daily food portion up and feeding him two or three times a day instead of once a day, you may encourage him to increase his water consumption.

Natural Pet Remedies For Feline Urinary Support

Many pet owners are turning to natural pet remedies to prevent and treat minor cat urinary tract infection.  Homeopathic remedies like Cantharis and Staphysagris help to reduce the pain and inflammation of a cat bladder infection.  Herbs like uva ursi and barberry have antibiotic-like properties, and are effective against common bacteria that cause feline bladder infection.  

To find a remedy that’s safe and effective for your cat, be sure to look for one that’s formulated especially for pets so he’ll receive the proper dosage.  

To sum up, cat urinary problems can often be prevented with the proper diet, and adequate water intake.  Remember that it’s easier, and more cost-effective, to prevent feline cystitis than it is to treat it.


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