Senopati Pamungkas: Episode 1 – The Figures


Work: Arswendo Atmowiloto 

Sanggrama Wijaya, or Naraya Sanggrama Wijaya, or RadenWijaya. A known name when it defeated King Jayakatwang, which his wickedly master Singasari palace and ousted kingKertanegara. Together with a loyal soldier and Senopati, Wijaya, Tartar troops managed to storm back from China. According to historical records, was crowned King of Majapahit in the 15th month of Kartika or around Ocktober – November 1298.The name of his greatnee is Kertarajasa Jayawardhana. This name shows respect for his ancestors, the kings Singasari.

Upasara Wulung, one knight of the Knights upbringing seclusion. Knights seclusion is a kind of college is trying to birth a true knight who trained in martial arts science and letters, or kanuragan. The knights are chosen, trained from birth inseclusion Knights. According to this story, founded on the idea of ​​seclusion Knights, King Singasari Sri Kertanegara the latter, with the aim of creating a human being but also has a martial arts champion noble character, who would be expected to be the main Senopati Palace continued greatness and protect the population. For twenty years Upasara Wulung Knights are in seclusion, trained by Ngabehi Pandu, before plunging into the fray world of martial arts. Science is essentially a bull get injured, or wounded bull. However, experienced major changes since the study Bantala Parwa or Book of the Earth that contains the Twelve Stars and Eight augury Kick Jutsu Earth repellent. Bantala Parwa considered baboon (mother) with all the kanuragan. The culmination of various sources of martial arts that exist in Java.

Gayatri, or Empress Rajapatni, one of four daughters of the king of Sri Kertanegara be his wife (the empress) by the King of Majapahit. Ahead of the invasion to conquer Jayakatwang Daha.Gayatri go with Upasara Wulung to know the strength of the opponent. This is where the seeds of romance grow. And the culminating moment captured above Gayatri Upasara advanced to storm the fortess and without concern for him safety. However, according to calculations and predictions of the priests,Gayatri should be married to Sanggrama Wijaya, because this is the spouse of Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma, who would then cut the greatest king. This past relationship was a lot of burden but it also colored his life.

Mpu Renteng, one Senopati Majapahit who struggled from the start. Science is the flagship Bujangga Andrawina or Dragon Serpent debauchery, using the tip of a cloth draped over his shoulders.

Mpu Sora, one of the Majapahit Senopati who struggled from the start. Science is the flagship Bramara Bekasakan, or the Ghost Bees. This powerful figure who got a lot of support to serve as mahapatih. Mahapatih is the highest office in the palace after the king. But he himself was not entitled. That carried the rank of Adipati, a kind of local authorities, in Dahanapura. Kala Gemet place, the crown prince, is located.

Mpu Elam, one of Senopati Majapahit, who became soldiers telik sandi (sender and recipient of confidential news). Soldiers who elected the troops telik sandi or secret army, were soldiers whose job option collects all reports of security concerns. In the ranks of government handled directly by Mahapatih.

Dyah Palasir, one young Senopati Majapahit. Senopati Nambi direct subordinates, as well Dyah Singlar who had been a private soldier of the King. Together Dyah Pamasi, they both were young Senopati prepared to be a substitute.

Klikamuka, a character who is always covering her face with Klika or bark. Seems to have a close relationship with the palace.

Toikromo, regular citizens who want to raise Upasara Wulung as a daughter.

Gendhuk Tri, prospective dancers Palace Singasari the student Mpu Raganata briefly, then trained Jagaddhita. Flagship science using scarves as a dancer. Because one thing and another, all her blood contains very virulent poison. In her teenage years, and lived in the midst of upheaval champion martial arts, their customary rada strange indeed. Secretly admired Upasara Wulung, and jealous of every woman who approached Upasara.

Jaghana, one university student Clouds, universities are considered the source of all knowledge kanuragan in Java. His head was blad, worn clothing from closed body. Patience and compassion. His name can be translated as “ass”. This way of humbling himself as “nothing, a nobody,” one feature of university teaching Cloud.

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