Adam Lambert fan map

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          After last night Adam Lambert is ruling American Idol season 8. Adam Lambert sang “Born To Be Wild” and hit every note so perfectly that he should already be crowned the American Idol winner. Are you a huge Adam Lambert fan? If you are there are so many different websites you can visit to either chat about Adam’s performances, his unique looks every week, or you can even go to an Adam Lambert fan map. That’s right you can check out on an official map how many dedicated fans Adam Lambert really has. Right now on the Adam Lambert map you will see 650 markers already entered from all over the world. When you click on each country it will show you a short message either about Adam or about his performance. This is really cool, because it just proves to show you that many other countries watch American Idol faithfully just like us. Right now the country with the most Adam Lambert fans on the map, believe it or not is actually Canada. It looks to me like Canada has about 85% of their country covered with Adam Lambert fans. How cool is that? I would have thought United Stated would have been on top, but unfortunately United States I don’t even see on the Adam Lambert fan map. To check this fan map out you can go to  and it will take a few seconds to reload. Once it reloads click on the map to check out what all the fans have to say about Adam. Then add your country by registering for free.


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