Yes to Success!

While I acknowledge there could be a number of compelling answers to the questions I am posing, today I am feeling inspired to focus on the phenomenal power of saying YES. I want to speak directly to the spectacular energy and impact of declaring YES, over and over again, as we engage with our dreams.

Of course, I imagine the next logical question is “Say yes to what?”

Not surprisingly, there are many possible answers to this question too! That being said, I am convinced that there are a few key things to which we really want to say YES, in order to embrace our entrepreneurial success from a place of joy, ease and flow. Let’s take a look at what lands on this list.

In service of allowing our sweetest success in the entrepreneurial realm, we want to say a big, bold, brilliant YES to…

– A love affair with our passion and purpose It’s no surprise that I am going to start off by talking about our passion and our purpose, right? As heart-centered entrepreneurs, this is typically what inspires us to show up, to create, to serve and to stretch. Indeed, our businesses become a powerful vehicle for transformation and contribution. So saying YES to a love affair with your passion and purpose is about fully embracing, magnifying and celebrating your WHY. It’s about letting it be your constant companion and trusted guide. It is the fuel that propels you forward. Therefore, if you are not yet crystal clear on your WHY, I strongly encourage you to take some quality time to examine this question for yourself. Why do you want to create your own business? Who do you want to BE in this awesome adventure? What will it mean to you to have a thriving business? The more connected you can stay to your WHY, the more bliss you will experience and the stronger your foundation will be for enjoying both radical fulfillment and easy client attraction.

– Holding a perspective of possibilities and abundance, no matter what Now, I first want to say that the NO MATTER WHAT piece of this statement is particularly important! A huge part of having a strong foundation for our dream business is the willingness to believe BEFORE we have all the physical evidence to support our beliefs. And for many of us, this can be a real stretch. We may have a long history of coming from fear or lack or doubt, or maybe we have been exposed to such perspectives for as long as we can remember. So to come from a perspective of possibilities and abundance, no matter what, may require us to step into totally new territory. We are called to deepen our understanding that ultimately, All Is Well. It is about recognizing that goodness is already on its way to us. Instead of waiting for external circumstances to prove to us that we live in an abundant Universe overflowing with possibilities, we live and breathe this knowledge, no matter what.

– An empowering relationship with our fear As you step onto the entrepreneurial path and outside your comfort zone, it is inevitable that fears will arise. You are pushing the boundaries of what you have done before and who you have been up to this point in your life. Given this scenario, it is 100% natural and expected that fear would show up. It simply means that you are stretching and expanding in magnificent ways. Living into your dream business requires you to engage with your fear in an empowered way. Instead of hiding, avoiding or shutting down to the fear, it’s about being willing to say YES to growing through the process. It’s about reaching the other side and discovering who you really are. And when it comes to the immense opportunities that are part of expanding into your entrepreneurial dream, it truly can be an absolutely thrilling ride.

– An open, expansive, trusting, joyful relationship with money Let’s start by simply taking note of the language I am using here, okay? I did say relationship with money, and I want to be clear that I do NOT mean just any old relationship. Again, I am talking about an open, expansive, trusting, joyful relationship with money. So before we go any further, I would love to pause for a check in to see how this is landing for you. First of all, how mindful and awake are you in your relationship with money? And second, do you believe it’s possible to enjoy a blissful relationship with money? Finally, if you were to choose just a few words to capture your current energy around money, what might they be? I ask these questions because an essential piece of building a juicy foundation for our business is having a juicy relationship with money. In fact, it is crucial. I realize more each day that so much of our entrepreneurial journey really does boil down to whether or not we are in a state of resistance or allowing. Bottom line, are we ready to receive the goodness?

So today, especially if you notice resistance or struggle in this area, I ask you to join me in not just tolerating the fact that money is part of your business dream, but shifting into a state of pure appreciation, gratitude and celebration for this truth. Allow yourself to be immersed in the luscious adventure of redesigning your relationship with money. Acknowledge that it’s all energy. And I challenge you to make it as fun and playful as you possibly can!

– Honoring our true source of power Many of us move through much of our lives forgetting our true source of power. We act as if we are at the mercy of external circumstances, mistakenly thinking that life is happening “to us” instead of “through us.” And this couldn’t be further from the truth. We want to be fully acknowledging that our true source of power comes from being in alignment with our divine nature. Our true power stems from being physical extensions of Source energy and, most importantly, feeling deeply connected to and grounded in this truth. Because when we are in alignment with who we REALLY are, we are in a splendid state of allowing and receiving. We are crystal clear that we are never alone in our journey. We feel generously supported and we ask for divine guidance. Essentially, we are delighting in the dance of deliberate co-creation with the Universe. And we do not want to forget that THIS is our ultimate power source.

In closing, I just want to highlight that everything I have mentioned up to this point falls under the umbrella of splendid self-love. It has been my intention to call you forth into making self-love a top priority, to allow yourself to dwell in a space of lightness, joy and ease. Rest assured that by saying a big, bold YES to practicing supreme self-love, you are deepening your connection to Source and planting the most powerful seeds for your entrepreneurial dream to flourish.


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