Tips For Keeping Your Nanny Happy

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1. Provide a Great Benefit Package

Compared to other professions, most nannies don’t make that much money. For that reason, nannies highly value their employment benefits or perks, as they’re sometimes called. Benefits add to the total cost of nanny care, but they’ll greatly reduce the chance your nanny will leave for another job. They’ll also increase your nanny’s job satisfaction.

In creating a benefit package, consider including paid time off for sick leave, vacation, and holidays. Also consider contributing towards your nanny’s health insurance and commuting costs. Be sure to get the input of your nanny, as she may prefer one employment benefit more than another.

2. Pay On Time, Every Time

Legally, you are required to pay your nanny on a set schedule, such as every week or every two weeks. Paying your nanny on a set schedule is also the right thing to do. Nannies, as with most employees, depend on their paycheck. Don’t put your nanny in a bind by paying her late.

3. Give Raises

Most employees get raises, and your nanny should, too. Your nanny should receive a raise every time she takes on additional duties, such as caring for another child. Your nanny should also receive an annual cost-of-living raise, typically two or three percent.

4. Give a Helpful Feedback

On an average day, parents return home from work and spend only a few minutes discussing things with their nanny before she leaves for home. That daily routine can happen week after week, without the nanny receiving any meaningful feedback about her job performance.

You should therefore take a few extra minutes every week to give your nanny helpful feedback about her job performance. In addition, set aside an hour each year for an annual review. During the review, give her constructive criticism and remember to thank her for the hard work.

5. Say Thank You

A nanny is tasked with an incredibly important job–ensuring the safety and well-being of your children. Thank her for all her work. You should thank her for small things, such as cleaning after the children’s meals and taking the children to the park. You should also thank her for big things, such as contributing toward the children’s happiness.

6. Respect Her Privacy

A nanny has a life of her own. You can ask her about her day, but you shouldn’t pry into personal details unless the nanny raises them or unless you think her personal life might be hurting her work performance.

7. Have a Fair Nanny Employment Agreement

During the hiring process, ask   nanny interview question about what would be in a prospective nanny’s ideal employment agreement. Then, in finalizing employment, work with your nanny to put a fair employment contract in place. It will show that you view your nanny as a professional, and she will be thankful for it.



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