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Making money as a member!


Green Dragon Slaying- This method is much talked about but mostly because it is one of teh best ways to make money with no skills other then combat! A high combat level can earn you 150k+ an hour and 300k+ an hour with 

no competition from other players. Now I will go in depth how is best to do it. The green dragon spawn with the most green dragons, level 20-24 of the wilderness just east of clan wars. Now the down side is there is no bank at clan wars, however there Is a bank at bounty hunter! This means you can get a games necklace and preferably wear it to save the inventory space. You can teleport to clan wars and go directly east for about 30 seconds and you’ll see the dragons. Bring the best gear you can with an anti-dragon fire shield or a dragon fire shield and get it fully charged. Collect ONLY the bones and hides unless you want to make more trips for a bit less profit which is fine. If you can high alch then bring along high alch runes and high alch anything above mith hatchet they drop all kinds of 500-1k gp items that aren’t worth carrying but worth high alching, other players also rarely pick them up so you can make profit off those. Bring lots of sharks, the best for your buck and inventory, be sure to avoid revenants, I tend to run away and hope someone else kills them or even change worlds, they waste food and time for no benefit. Now once you’ve done all this and have a full load you cannot teleport past level 20 wilderness so you need to go south a bit and then teleport to bounty hunter using your games necklace. Bank everything you gathered, get more runes for alching and food and pickup a second necklace if yours only has 1 go left in it so you don’t get stranded (it sucks trust me). Now you are set to teleport back to clan wars and kill you some more dragons! You can earn a tremendous amount this way very quickly to get that new dragon weapon or armor!


We have already discussed a steel bar system where you buy coal and iron and make steel bars for smithing experience and good cash. The best thing to do is that again or one better buy the steel bars. Once you have completed the dwarf cannon quest you can easily obtain a cannonball mould from the captain again and make 1k steel bars into 4k cannonballs in a little over an hour and a half. Assuming steel bars are 623 (non-members making them to earn some cash keeps them cheap.) Cannon balls are 180 you make gp or 100gp per bar you smelt and it takes about 4 seconds per bar! I recommend getting a piece of varrock armor and using the furnace in edgeville, for all your smelting and smithing needs actually it is much close then Al Karid!

Farming Ranarr

If you look at the Grand Exchange you will notice a direct discrepency between ranarr prices and ranarr seeds. You can assume you will get 4-5 ranarrs per seed you plant if you take care of it. Be sure to plant as many seeds as you can in one area or multiple areas and travel in between them as fast as possible. You should ONLY use super compost I mean failry obvious haha! Once they grow you have not only earned a decent amount of farming experience you earn a rather large profit considering the normal profit for farming which is negative! You can also make money off ranarr and other herbs while gaining herblore experience. Find out how here.

Unicorn horns

Your first thought was, WTF is a unicow, your second thought was WTF is a unicow? Well, a new “minigame” in runescape for members is creature creation. Here you can bring certain items to create an other worldly beast such as a unicow. It requires 1 cow hide and 1 unicorn horn. You ask why? Well it does NOT drop cowhides but it drops 2-5 unicorn horns making you a massive profit always more unicorn horns to make a new unicow all you need to buy/get is cowhides worth 100 each and unicorn horns are worth 1000! They are in high demand due to herblore uses and their difficulty in being harvested by conventional methods. Generally all you need is 10-13 cow hides to make a full inventory of unicorn horns (don’t forget your original unicorn horn that would be tragic!) You must place the 2 items on its chosen altar for unicows. Then you pray to it and presto a unicow! Now you must have completed the Tower of Life quest to unlock this minigame I would suggest using teleports here as banks are generally farther away from the altars!



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