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HTC Titan is way more than only being an enormous sized doohickey. In the exploration for the supreme doohickey, the greatest selection is definitely the thingy which showcases every bit of what we desired from a smart phone with such a price tag. HTC Titan is a thingy that runs on the Home Windows Phone user interface 7.5, & the ambition is obviously to put a halt to the increasing fame of the Nokia Lumia 800 & Lumia 710.

It has been hardly few days less than a year at the same time as we last employed a Windows Phone 7 smart phone & that was the era when we tested a number of the preceding formations which were heavy-duty in realism. Even though, the HTC Titan with an imposing 4.7 inch screen dwarfs everything else in the area of this handset, consequently this is the field where we will commence with our review of this phone.

As the LCD panel on this great handset measures in at 4.7 inches, factually it was capable to halt our heart-beat for a moment. At this jiffy this might appear like a far-away insignificant of a resolution for a display this huge & we are still firm on the opinion that this display is only great at such huge sized display screen. The real matter lies in the complication many clients face while probing for the HTC Titan deals. Anyway, HTC Titan deals have been triumphant in closing our lips with surprise.  If we converse about the screen, there are a number of points that are sticking out.  The Gorilla Glass discourages all types of scratches the instant users place the smart phone in face down situation. We liked this safety measures for this handset, as touch screens are always prone to scratches and smudges. And, with clumsy people like us, smart phones need double layer of Gorilla glass (well, just joking!). Although many of  you would agree with us.

After operating this marvelous doohickey from the Taiwanese manufacturer for a seriously prolonged time, we began to get accustomed to the bulkiness of this handset & we also began to like…love this miraculous piece of modern technology. Although, the time we had to return this handset back to its lawful proprietor, we started missing the huge Titan. Interestingly, the actuality is that we have a panel that is 4.3-inch in its sizing, therefore get prepared to get stunned.  

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