Mobile Advertising – You Have Five Subsets to Choose From

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Advertising plays an important role in increasing sales, popularizing products & services and establishing brands. Over a period of time advertising methods and avenues have evolved and become innovative, efficient and cross-platform based. Traditional methods are slowly giving way to digital opportunities. Mobile advertising is the latest entrant providing businesses an amazing advertising platform. It is one of the most exciting and trendy avenue operating out of mobile space.

There are several subsets within the Mobile Advertising space.  Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Text based static or clickable links – Mobiles are no longer restricted to phone calls and SMS. Today, they are used to access emails, surf internet and search content. There are many websites specially developed for mobile platform. With the sheer number of mobile phone users, advertisers are not averse to advertising their products on websites and search engines.

2. Static or clickable graphical links or banner Ads – Mobile based websites too have banner links, very similar to large websites created for desktops and laptops.

3. On-device videos or videos accessed via websites – Mobile video websites are becoming quite popular. They are very similar to standard websites that allow desktop users to view videos; typically music, films and tutorials.

4. Apps and games – Applications and games developed for smart phones generally carry banner ads at the top, especially when these apps are provided for free.

Stagnant growth rate in terms of earnings has forced providers to tap yet another advertising subset of mobile arena; Mobile SMS Advertising has provided a great opportunity to these entities to increase their revenues.

This form of advertising is also known as content-targeted advertising. The method is very simple. The advertisement which is shown on an SMS is in context with the advertiser’s product or services.

This advertising method is intelligent and publishes an advertisement that matches advertiser’s target keywords. The Ads are typically inserted into incoming SMS messages.  Season’s greetings, birthday wishes, news and sports flashes are some of the options or SMS’s that carry advertiser’s link.

SMS Gateway Provider in India is an entity that offers an array of services such as normal SMS, bulk SMS, cheap bulk SMS and 2-way SMS. These entities provide this service in the form of standalone application, as a web based interface or as a plug-in. These entities exploit SMS gateways of mobile network operators. One of the biggest advantages of using MNO gateways is that the end users or marketers do not require a native device such as a mobile phone or a smart phone to send bulk SMS. The only tools that are required is internet connection, a PC and of course the software.

Bulk SMS is one of the simplest and cost effective marketing solutions. It utilizes SMS gateway software to send marketing advertisement to thousands of mobile phone subscribers to promote products and services. Bulk SMS software is easy to use. It allows you to create customized messages and choose the type of customers you want to target.


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