Forbidden Planet 50Th Anniversary Two-Disc Special Edition Dvd

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Having not seen the movie for a very long time, I was rather excited to receive the Forbidden Planet 50th Anniversary Two-Disc Special Edition DVD set this past holiday season.  Forbidden Planet is one of those legendary science fiction films, so I was expecting a lot from this DVD.

The cover art has the much beloved Robby the Robot on it, along with Leslie Nielsen and Anne Francis.  The back artwork features Walter Pidgeon and includes the write up on the movie.  As for the two disks that make up this set, the first one is the same as the front cover art and the second one is of Robby in the motion picture, The Invisible Boy.

Along with Forbidden Planet, there are a bunch of extras, which I enjoyed.  This includes deleted scenes, lost footage, an episode of TV’s The Thin Man that guest starred Robby the Robot, three documentaries, and several science fiction trailers which were somewhat fun to watch.  These theatrical teasers brought back a lot of childhood memories.

The Thin Man show was really fun.  I had never seen it before and enjoyed it.  Robby actually makes an interesting guest star.

Forbidden Planet on this disk is included via a digital transfer with restored picture and audio and a remastered soundtrack.  It comes across beautifully in my opinion.

The extras in the set include lots of comments from icons such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.  Forbidden Planet stars Leslie Nielsen and Earl Holliman are also included.

The second disk has the movie that starred Robby the Robot after Forbidden Planet.  It was called The Invisible Boy.  Again, Robby is the reason to watch this flick.  It is not a winner in my book as the story and the acting were just average, but including it as part of this special set worked.

So, on the whole, I was happy with the special edition.  The documentaries and featurettes included many people and taught me a lot about the production. They included a lot of unusual things.  I could not always detect some of the smaller nuances, but I still enjoyed watching it all.


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