How to Conserve and Live More Simply

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Living simply benefits the environment and enables us to have more time to spend with our friends or families. When we become more conscious of how our actions affect the environment we tend to consume less, recycle more and be more in touch with nature.

Here are some ideas to start with.

  • Purchase items like clothing, dishes, books and furniture in thrift stores and/or garage sales.
  • Create something new from things that would otherwise get thrown out. Examples:
    Create fire starters from old egg cartons. Create a pincushion from a tuna can and fabric. Create a quilt from old fabric scraps. Reuse old cards in decoupage crafts. Create a purse or bag from old clothing.
  • Give your unwanted or outgrown clothes to someone else that could use them or donate them to a thrift store.
  • Create a garden and grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs.
  • Use newspaper for paper mache projects, wrapping paper, painting and crafts.
  • Celebrate holidays in a less commercialized way by giving gifts of time. Examples: Volunteer for a non-profit organization, help a friend with a task or child care, bake something, make something.
  • Give away or sell things you don’t want or need anymore. This is one I have had troubles with since I have some pack rat tendencies. My husband is even worse.
  • Repair furniture, appliances etc. instead of buying new ones.
  • Use natural insecticides when gardening such as those obtained from plants.
  • Recycle paper, glass and tin.
  • Walk rather than drive and take time to enjoy the sights.

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