Tammy And The Doctor

In 1963, Tammy and the Doctor was released.  It was the third and final movie of the Tammy series to be made.  Thus, we can assume that this story is the presumed happy ending for Tammy Tyree at last.  After this, Tammy ventured to the TV screen where things were switched around a bit.

River gal Tammy first believed she loved Peter Brent in Tammy in the Bachelor.  When Pete went to college, he left her behind, so in Tammy Tell Me True, Tammy went to college, too, and found a new true love, Tom Freeman.  However, in this final movie, Tammy goes to work at a hospital in order to be close to her friend, Mrs. Annie Call, whose heart condition is causing her problems.  Tammy meets Dr. Mark Cheswick and soon realizes that maybe she really does not love Tom Freeman.  Ah, the course of true love.  Naturally, the two had not committed to each other but were said to be considering their future.  So, the way is clear.

Cheswick is played by Peter Fonda, who of the three suitors is actually the one I like the best.  Naturally, that means I am even happier with the resolution of the series.  The one negative is that he actually smokes in this picture, which is off-putting to me personally.

Sandra Dee is a wonderful actress and she plays Tammy with such sincerity and joy.  I really enjoyed her special touch that she gave to the part.

Beulah Bondi again gives Mrs. Call a lot of personality.  She was a delight. This was actually her final feature film, though she did go on to do a handful of TV guest shots.  Bondi was so credible in this role.  It is one I very much appreciated as a viewer.

There are several other performers who combined to make this film have some real character to it.  I loved the subplots they were a part of it very much. These performers include Macdonald Carey, Margaret Lindsay, Adam West, Reginald Owen, and Alice Pearce.

Tammy has a lot of great scenes, including the one where she socks it to the uppity nurses.  Way to go, river gal!

Excellent ending for the series.

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