Tammy Tell Me True

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A few years after the success of Tammy and the Bachelor with Debbie Reynolds, Sandra Dee was tapped to take over the role of Tammy Tyree in the sequel, Tammy Tell Me True.  While Dee’s portrayal is actually more country-like in some respects, the interpretation is a bit different.  I actually like both actresses in the role, and have absolutely no issues with Dee playing the part.  She was a great Gidget, and she made a great Tammy, too.

At the end of the first movie, viewers believe Tammy had found her true love in the form of Peter Brent, as played by Leslie Nielsen.  However, we find out here that after he went away to college, he more or less just dumped her without even sending her a ‘Dear Tammy’ letter.  I believe it, too.  Peter Brent did not have a lot of backbone in my opinion, so I was a believer in this sequel.

Tired of waiting on her riverboat for a letter from Peter, Tammy decides to take off and go to college herself.  Of course, she stands out like a sore thumb and gets made fun of by just about everyone, except for Tom Freeman, who turns out to be one of her professors.

John Gavin plays Freeman.  He is much more believable than Nielsen was as Brent, but the problem for me is that he seems too old for Tammy.  I enjoyed the story and all that happened, but to be honest, I never felt they were the perfect couple.  That does not prevent me from smiling at the happy ending the film delivers.

Two of the standouts in this movie are Beulah Bondi as Mrs. Annie Call and Cecil Kellaway as Captain Joe. Talk about a couple of fun characters, these two are it.  They are colorful and delightful.  I just loved watching them.

Also turning in a couple of solid performances were Charles Drake and Virginia Grey.  I should also mention the marvelous Edgar Buchanan who made me grin with his portrayal of Judge Carver.  The court scene was fun and so different from anything you would ever really see in a courtroom.

This made for a good sequel, and those are hard to do.


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