Tammy And The Bachelor

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If you wanted to say it was social commentary, you could point to Tammy and the Bachelor as being such by taking the girl who lives on the river with essentially no education and little so called normal social skills and pairing her with the sophisticated and well to do young bachelor.  That really is the story.  However, I like to think of it as just a simple tale of love.

The wonderful Debbie Reynolds stars as Tammy Tyree, the girl who lives in a riverboat and sees her world change in short order after she rescues a downed pilot.  Leslie Nielsen is Peter Brent, the bachelor who discovers there is more to life than his good name and station.

Also along for the ride are Walter Brennan, Fay Wray, Mala Powers, and Mildred Natwick.

One of the things I love about the movie is the theme song, which is so beautifully sung by Reynolds as she looks outside her bedroom window sill about halfway through the movie.  The song was actually released as a record and it went gold for her, staying at the top of the charts for several months, so it was very successful.

I have many favorite scenes in the movie, but the most enchanting is when Tammy is staying with the Brents and dresses up for a party of sorts and tells the story of how her character for the party came to be there.  It is absolutely enchanting.  Tammy captivates the guests, and Reynolds just captivates the entire viewing audience during this scene.

I was not that wild about Nielsen in this role.  I just do not see him in this kind of lead character.  He was too proper almost, and I really did not take a shine to Peter Brent.  Of course, I was rooting for the love story anyway, and Nielsen did a decent acting job, it is just a joining that did not necessarily work as well as I would have liked.

However, the movie is all Debbie Reynolds, and she brings a liveliness to Tammy that few other actresses could.  I have enjoyed this movie my entire life.


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