Setting up a Domain Reseller Business

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The business of Domain Reseller is fast coming up as an upcoming business in the web world. With the growth of the industry the business has also grown rapidly over the last few years with more and more people setting up this reselling business.  As the web has expanded to include a number websites that are being used as an extension of a business, this business has also started to shape up in the online industry. Domain Resellers can be defined as a party that is registered to become a reseller and is permitted to resell domains. These resellers buy domains in bulk from a domain registrar at discounted prices and later resell them to end users at a profit. Usually people think about the idea of setting up of this business as a complex process when in fact the process is relatively easy.

The first thing is to start a DomainReseller business is to look out for ICANN registered agents or resellers and see how best you can partner with them to get the best prices on domains and other services. Domain Resellers usually get discounted rates from the registrar because of the volume of the deal. This enables the reseller to set competitive prices for their registrations while still making a profit. Another reason to look for an accredited registrar is that they not only provide resellers with the lowest prices for their services, they also go ahead and offer professional and advanced support services to them.

Though the user makes the payment to the reseller and accesses the name control panel at the reseller’s website, the domain is actually registered with the reseller’s parent registrar. The registrar generally takes care of all the services such as registration and customer support. The reseller also acts as an agent for the registrar at times to boost its sales. Becoming a Domain Reseller in India has also come up as new business for young entrepreneurs. Anyone can become a DomainReseller in India but most resellers are companies that already have an internet based business such as web design companies and search marketing companies. To be a reseller a user should have a reseller hosting account with a hosting company. The business is attracting a lot interest for entrepreneurs mainly because of its low capital investment. To set up this business one need not make any heavy investments, as the registrars offer resellers discounted prices on domains that are bought from them.   


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