Live With Less Stress or Fear

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Learning to recognize real concerns and working with them instead of against them is a big part of living with little stress and fear. Also accepting things that are out of your control and accommodating to them will help you enjoy living with little stress and little fear.

Step 1  First you must realize there are so many things that are really out of your control. These things are the main worry that leads to living with large amounts of stress and fear. If something is out of your control there is nothing you can do to change it or alter it or inhibit it. That thing becomes inevitable and with out a doubt will happen. The only thing you can do is accept it and accommodate to it. If you live in fear you are losing your job and it is an inevitable fact than just accept it and look for another one. If you live in fear your car will give out on you on the highway accept that it is a possibility and prepare yourself as well as you can for if it happens and that’s it.

Step 2  Second before the things you fear and stress over become a reality ask your self “how can I prepare myself now before it happens and if it happens?” Some things are legitimate concerns and instead of fearing them and stressing over them prepare for them. It is much more constructive to prepare for these things than to stress over them. By stressing over them you are hurting yourself two times as bad because you are not getting past the fear to prepare your self and you are living in fear. If you are stressing and fearful of a speech you must give that stress and fear does not allow you to practice the speech well. You must focus all of your energy on practicing the speech and none of your energy on fear and stress about having to give the speech.

Step 3 Third leave all the stress and fear in the hands of a higher power. Despite what your believes are there is always a higher power, be it God, Christ, Science, Buda, Allah, or whatever. That being has your best interest his power and when you give all your stress and fear to the higher power it will allow you to live free and joyful. Pray to whom you have faith in and release that stress and fear.


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