Tammy Triple Feature Dvd Set

The Tammy character has always been one I enjoyed, both in film and on TV.  I have been wanting the movies on DVD for a long time and finally was able to get the Tammy Triple Feature DVD set last year.  This is a two disk set.

The set contains the original theatrical film, Tammy and the Bachelor, on one disk and then the two movie sequels, Tammy Tell Me True and Tammy and the Doctor, on the second disk.

The front cover is in thirds, with promotional shots from each of the three movies and their stars.  The original feature starred Debbie Reynolds and Leslie Nielsen, while the two sequels had Sandra Dee assuming the Tammy role.  She was paired first with John Gavin and then with Peter Fonda.

The back cover is again in thirds with more images from the films and their summaries and information on the presentation.

All 3 films are presented in anamorphic widescreen and have subtitles in English and French.  The sound for all three is Dolby Digital 2.0.

The actual DVD disks are rather plain and have just a red cover for the first movie and a blue color for the second.  The names of the movies are present, but there is really no artwork to speak of.  This is disappointing to me.  It indicates a lack of care for the movies by the studio distribution company.

The case is good.  It’s one of those flip ones so both DVDs have their own slots, so at least that is something to appreciate.

The good thing about having the three movies together is being able to watch the progression of Tammy.  She starts out in the original movie falling in love and thinking her life is settled.  Then, though, she has to deal with reality that people change.  She tackles that head on and decides to get a better education, which is what the second movie deals with.  Of course, she falls in love again, or does she? The final movie has the slant on that relationship as being a “maybe” type of thing, allowing her to go out in the world and fall in love for real.  They are wonderful movies, and this set is overall adequate.

Sadly, there are no extras.

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