Antz Movie

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Antz is a really well done animated movie that featured a large number of current A-list stars doing the voices. I was very impressed with the story and how much fun it was to watch.  My only regret is a personal one, and that is having Woody Allen providing the lead vocal in the character of Z. I will admit he is absolutely perfect in the portrayal; I just do not like this man who has crossed over moral grounds in my opinion when he divorced his wife to marry his step-daughter.  There is something so very wrong that, and it has permanently turned me off of anything dealing with Allen.  I probably would never have seen this movie had I been aware  he was a part of it.  That is just my opinion and how I feel about his personal choices and morality in life.

Back to the story, though, Z is the rebellious ant who dares to speak up and want more than just to go along with orders.  He actually ventures outside and wants to find Insectopia, the ant version of paradise where food is everywhere.  Of course, along the way he ends up falling in love with the princess, and that leads to complications.

One of the stand out voices for me was Anne Bancroft as the queen.  I was impressed she even agreed to do it, but having such a commanding vocal really lent credibility to the queen. Then there was Gene Hackman as the evil General Mandible, and talk about a perfect fit.  I was wowed by the general and just how much he had that Hackman gruff.  It was an ideal fit.

Oh my!  Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtain together again as Chip and Muffy.  Now this movie is worth seeing for them alone.  They have very minor roles, but they are so much fun.

Another treat was Sylvester Stallone, who was one of those who provided his voice for no charge.  He was a hoot, a real pleasure, and is a reason to watch the movie, too.  I am not a Sly fan, but he really was good in this character of Weaver.

Insectopia was a hoot, too, as was the picnic seen.  It was incredible to see a picnic through the eyes of ants.

Antz is a winner.


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