Near-Death Experiences Common Descriptions of an Unconscious State Proof of Afterlife?

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What Causes a Near Death Experience

Near death experiences stem from a variety of causes: comas or near-death accidents, dreaming, psychedelic drugs, extreme stress, surgical procedures, seizures, deathbed visions, brain stimulation and even sexual orgasm. These experiences tend to push the mind (or soul) into a threshold where a whole new dimension of being can be accessed. This state of being varies, but some common factors exist in virtually all NDEs.

Commonalities Among NDEs

Many report periods of personal confusion, disorientation or a void in their surroundings just as the experience begins. There is a near blinding light that is comforting and familiar. Some see friends and relatives that have passed on and report having non-verbal communication with them. Some are shown images of places of great beauty and peace. The light also encompasses the friends and family resulting in a feeling of love far greater than they ever experienced on Earth. Many do not wish to leave the light and some claim to see and talk to Christ in the light on a non-verbal level (a type of cosmic telepathy). Though the descriptions of these places vary, they all are not in the earthly realm.

Are these experiences real?

While some scientists and skeptics would write these experiences off as nothing more than hallucinations, studies show that the similarities are so overwhelming that the near death experience is a phenomenon that needs to be recognized as “proof” that something exists beyond our physical bodies and conscious minds. Many of those who have had a NDE can describe perfectly what has transpired while they were in comas or under the effect of anesthesia. This leaves the scientific world at a loss for an explanation.

“Even a thought, even a possibility, can shatter us and transform us.” – Nietzsche


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