Your Breakfast

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Sweta toast with jam, milk…but does she have breakfast? Let’s find out.

Kavita and Savita are having breakfast. They have to go to school. Little Sweta is on the bed.

She thinks she is riding a horse, but it is pillow!

Suddenly Sweta smells something. She gets off her horse and runs to the kitchen.

`Mother’, that smells nice. May I have some toast, too?’ she asks mother.

Mother gives Sweta toast with Jam. Toast with jam is crunchy and sweet. Sweta loves it.

Kavita and Savita have finished their breakfast. They pick up their bags and wave goodbye to Sweta. They go off to school. Mother wipes Sweta sticky face.

Sweta goes back to the bedroom. Her horse has gone. It has become a hill. Father has made the beds.

Sweta climbs up on the pillow. Now she portends she is riding a camel.

Her camel is very high. The hump of the camel is just right for Sweta to hold.

Suddenly Sweta hears the sound of a spoon tinkling in a tumbler. Mother is a making coffee for grandfather. Sweta jumps off her camel. Riding a camel is a hard work, so she wants to drink milk. She again runs to the kitchen.

`I want some milk, Mother. And may I have a drop of coffee in my milk?’ Sweta asks.

`All right,’ says mother.

So Sweta gets a cup of milk with a little coffee in it. She drinks it up quickly.

 There is some milk around her mouth. It looks like a moustache.

Mother wipes it off.

Soon it is time father to leave for office. Mother gives him breakfast.

Sweta goes and sits in the chair next father. `May I also have an idli, mother?’

Mother gives Sweta and idli. Father eats quickly and leaves for office.

Mother and Sweta go back to the table. Sweta eats her idli with a little sugar. She pushes the chair forward and pretends that it is a train! The train goes chook-chook-chook!

Patti is reading a newspaper.

`Sweta, are you riding a train? Have you had breakfast?’ Patti asks Sweta.

`No,’ says Sweta. `Kavita and Savita had breakfast.

Sweta then takes her train to mother.

`Mother’, says Sweta, `I have not had breakfast yet. Please give me some.’


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