More Activities- For Children

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Animal talk

  1. Divide the class two groups.

Group I choose an animal and its movements and write it for the teacher on a piece of paper. One person from group I imitates the movement of the animal. Group II guesses the animal and names the movements. If the group guesses the name and the movement, it gets 2 points. If the group guesses only the name of the animal, it gets one point. The group that gets the most pints wins.


Group I: imitates an animal crawling.

Group II: does it swim?

Group I: no.

Group II: does it crawl?

Group I: yes.

Group II: is the animal a snake?

Group I: yes.

  1. You can enact the play the clever rabbit in the class with the help of your teacher. Your teacher can select the actors who will play the different roles. The rest of the class can be divided into four groups.

Group I: I can design, draw and color animal masks.

Group II: can design the set, it can draw and color trees and plants in the jungle and paste them on cardboard.

 Group III: can provide the sound effects, like the cries of wild animals, the sound of wind, or a loin falling into a well, and so on.

Group IV: can help in the make -up of the actors.

Have putting up the play!

  1. One day, john finds a stray kitten. He brings it home.

Ram: can I have some milk and bread for the kitten.

Mother: here you are – a glass of milk and a slice of bread. Aren’t you going to give your kitten a name?

Ram: I have not thought of one yet.

Mother: maybe you could call her kitty.

Ram: no, I do not like that name. Let’s think a little more.

Can you think of a nice name for the kitten? Let everyone in the class think of a few names each. Your teacher writes them all on the board. After that the class votes for the best name.

Grammar fun

Nouns that mean one of something are singular nouns. Those that mean more than one of something are plural nouns. We add s or es to some singular nouns to change them to plural nouns.

Bird- birds; bus- buses

Some times we add ies after removing y at the end of a noun to make it plural.

Puppy-puppies; story-stories


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