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But with the advancement of technology, the term has grown to refer particularly to “live” meetings, while the posted message variety of discussion is called a “message board”, “forum”, or ” company bulletin board”, since these days live discussions are more effective. One needs to have an internet connection for web conferencing. Web conferencing requires an application software that enables any user to communicate with other conferencing people using internet. This application is provided by a “host” company which charges for using it. The people involved can exchange their ideas, information and data easily and the presenter can get the feedback immediately from all the people concerned simultaneously. This can be either an application that is downloaded on each of the attendees computers or an application that is web-based where the attendees simply have to enter a “URL” or website meeting address to enter and participate in the conference or live meeting . These web applications use either Java or Flash technology for their functioning. The concept of web conferencing is one of the most efficient, easiest and cheapest means for meeting with small audience or large audiences at the same time and that too within your budget .
Companies can now save huge travel budgets by using tele conferencing – connect with 5, 10, or 50 co-workers, clients, or customers.
Our expert designed solutions utilize industry standards to ensure compatibility of existing networking infrastructure. It reduces overall business travel expenses and eliminates potential risk factors to employees..

It enables people to talk to a number of participants simultaneously and get their responses immediately. Web conferencing provides a great combination of the advantages of the Internet together with voice conferencing to enable you to carry on online meetings and events like a face to face meeting with the aid of audience response tools , visuals, and other features with ease making your events and meetings productive, more interesting, engaging through inexpensive conference calling.For many individuals and businesses entities, conference calls alleviate the unnecessary cost and troubles of travel by providing a platform to contact different people at the sane time. By using this facility a person can be contacted at the best comfort. Pulse conference call rates are cheap and even allows timely, productive and effective communications between employees , businesses, investors, suppliers, and customers on a 24 by 7 basis without any hassles or disruptions. Audio conference call service systems help organizations improve communications and business processes while significantly reducing conferencing costs Tele conference calls involve telephone solutions only – no internet or web-based technology. Conference call, using standard telephone equipment and speakerphones, was a new way to reach out and connect with distant clients.
Instead of the deployment of the complete or process redevelopment or network face-lifts , a network add-on is often simpler and more effective.


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