A Review of Blitzkid – Anatomy of Reanimation Vol. 1

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Blitzkid’s – Anatomy of Reanimation Vol. 1 is a basically a best of Blitzkid CD with some of there classics re-recorded. With that said they are not the same lo-fi songs you have heard in times past. The Blitzkid boys have outdone themselves on this one these songs have never sounded better, and the production quality rivals there current release “Five Cellars Below”. If you are a fan of Blitzkid at all these songs you will definitely be singing along too.

From the opening funeral dirge riff, and chant ridden “The Pumpkin Patch Murders” you cant help but get excited and want to release some energy. Then when you thought it was over it segues directly into a ferocious version of “She Wolf”. “Pretty in a Casket” is next up, and i must say this is the best recording I have heard of this song, and for those of you who already know and love this song you will not be let down. The versions of “Hellraiser”, and “Dying Day” are haunting to the soul, but in a very good way. The Song “Love like Blood” get a drastic update for the best with TB’s muted guitar a awesome piano melody as well as TB’s trademark voice this version of this song will be an instant classic, and this will hold true for the whole album. Which brings us to the albums closer “Nosferatu” this song was a hardcore monster from the beginning sung by bassist/vocalist Argyle Goolsby, and this time around is no different it goes straight for the gut, or should I say your throat and rips it right out leaving just enough blood for you to continue your journey into the horror genre and also into more albums buy this amazing band.

Being a fan myself, and supporting this band in years past of course I have a slightly biased opinion of course, however i promise you will not be let down. This band has 10 years to terror under its belt, and are one of if not the best bands in the “horror” genre. With that being said this review is dedicated to all the Corpse Corps from all over the world, and with that i leave you with the words of TB Monstrosity: Long live The Horror!


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