A Review of The Movie Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close.

   I just saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close this weekend.  I thought it was really good.  If you decide to go see it be sure to bring tissues with you.  I found myself tearing up all throughout the movie, and my mother and grandmother were crying.  It is not entirely about 9/11.  There are a few scenes that pop up in the movie from that day as well as some fake phone calls.  I say fake because the calls are placed by Tom Hanks who is the boy’s father who died in one of the twin towers, but made to sound like he was really there.  The movie starts off a little slow, but it doesn’t take long for it to take off.  The boy whose name is Oskar in the movie has something like Aspergers Syndrome so he’s really smart but socially awkward.  In the movie he said the tests for Aspergers were not definitive.  Moving on.  So Oskar’s dad died on 9/11.  A year later he feels that he is no longer close to his father, and wants to find something that will make him feel closer to him.  While looking around in his father’s closet he finds a key.  Since he and his father had had fun playing and looking for things in the past he feels that this key, and a note he found in his father’s jacket was his father sending him a message.  So he decides to find out what this key went to.  He winds up walking all over the city meeting different people who all share something with him.  He also learns how to face his fears.  Trust me he has a lot of fears so this is a big deal for him.  Along the way he meets an elderly person who doesn’t speak and writes everything on a pad of paper he carries with him.  The old man known as the renter helps him look for where the key belongs.  He does eventually find where the key belongs and learns forgiveness in the process for something he hadn’t been able to do in the past.  I’m not telling what that was since that would ruin the movie.  Oskar tends to be very emotional and speaks his mind.  At one point he tells his mother, played by Sandra Bullock, he “wished it was her” in the towers that day.  There is a little cussing and adults are shown drinking.  Over all it was really great.  Younger audiences most likely would not enjoy this movie.  I would say around thirteen would be a good age to see this and be able to understand and enjoy the movie along with it’s values.  I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.  🙂

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