How to Add Volume to Hair

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Of all the complaints people have about their hair, lack of body and volume is definitely near the top of the list.  Every year, the shelves of salons and retail stores are flooded with new products which promise to add volume to hair that is fine and limp, proving that this is one of the biggest haircare concerns.

While genetics play a big part of one’s hair thickness and density, there are several ways to increase volume in the hair.  There are two ways this can be accomplished.  One is by getting the perfect haircut, and the other is by using the right styling techniques and products.  When these two factors are combined, even hair that is naturally fine and thin can be made to look thicker and full of volume.

The best way to add volume to the hair is by getting the right haircut.  Certain haircuts provide more volume than others.  Cuts that are one-length (also called blunt cuts) do not provide as much volume as a haircut that is layered.  Shorter haircuts also provide more volume to the hair than longer cuts.  This is because long hair weighs more than short hair, and the additional weight of longer hair will cause the hair to fall flat.

Next to the cut, styling products are the most important consideration when attempting to add volume to the hair.  The wrong product can make even the best cut look flat and lifeless, while the right products can make a mediocre cut look wonderful.  The key is to choose products that are right for the hair’s natural texture.  Those with fine hair and straight hair will get better results with a mousse or a styling cream, while those with naturally curly hair or thick hair may be better off using a gel.

Styling technique is the final step in volumizing the hair.  Setting the hair in rollers will result in more volume than blowdrying the hair, and blowdrying the hair will result in more volume than allowing the hair to dry naturally.  Velcro rollers or hot rollers are an ideal way add tremendous volume to fine hair.  For those with normal hair, a blowout using a round brush is a good way to add volume.  When performing a blowout, use the fingers to dry the hair halfway, and then switch to a round brush to dry the hair the rest of the way.  After the hair is dry, spray the root area only with a finishing spray or firm-hold hairspray.  Avoid putting hairspray or other styling products on the ends of the hair, as this may “flatten” the style.


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