Firing And Handling The .32 Revolver

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 The .32 bore revolver is a handy weapon. It was originally perfected by Webley Scott of England who invented the revolving chamber. The revolver comes in a number of bores. This refers to the barrel. The .32 bore refers to the bore having a diameter of .32 inch. It is a light weight hand gun and very versatile. The most famous .32 bore is the English made Webely Scott. There is a similar Indian version also available, which is manufactured by the Indian ordinance factories. The IOF .32 revolver is available against a valid licence and is priced at about Rs 75,000.00. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQuPHKSCC17Gv1p616vwto   The .32 is an excellent short range weapon and has an effective range of about 25 yards.  The weapon loads 6 bullets which can be fired by pressing the trigger.  The bullets can be ejected once the revolver is opened  from the butt and body. There is an auto ejector that then throws the bullets out. We must remember that it is unlike a pistol which has an auto eject mechanism and the bullets are automatically ejected after each shot. The .32 revolver is normally used with one hand.

 A two handed grip is not recommended as the weapon is light weight. The revolver must kept steady in the hand and fired at the target.  The barrel of the weapon has a tendency to jump upwards when fired. thus the person using the weapon must make allowance for this jump. The degree of the jump will depend on your grip. A firm grip will not allow the barrel to jump.   The weapon can be more easily fired by pulling the cocking lever backwards. This will give you sufficient time to take aim at the target.  you can align the gun sight with the target and fire, keeping allowance for the upward jerk of the barrel.    In case you do not have a target a can of beans ( empty) can be used. But for a perfect aim one must use a proper target with a bulls eye.   Shooting as a sport is an excellent hobby, but its costly.

 The weapon also needs to be carefully stored and kept. After a shoot it is always essential to clean the barrel of the revolver with gun oil. Properly stored and kept the weapon can last you 50 years easily.


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