Is Obama Turnig His Back on Africa?

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Obama the then candidate of the 2008 presidential aspirant is now the president of America. This is a true fact which each and everyone knows. Barack Husein Obama now steers the affairs of America.

Who is Obama? Obama is the president of America.  I am quite sure that will certainly be the answer but again, who is Barack Husein  Obama Jnr.? I am not asking who is the president of America? This black president turns to forget his roots. The son of an African who campaigned rigorously on the bases of his race during the 2008 elections seems to forget about his past. This of course won him votes and massive support of the African-Americans with all Africans supporting him from the sidelines.

Hence the surprise at Obama’s ambivalence towards his fatherland during his presidency. US diplomats in Nairobi say Kenya is not in Obama’s  diary, at least, not yet. Although he has found time to tour Ireland and reassert his maternal links with the country, a useful trick in reaching out to nearly 40 million Irish-Americans as he seeks re-election this year.

What wonders most Africans the most has to be with the stand of America led by Obama concerning issues with Africa. Let us take the issue with Gaddafi and Libya. Now a country invaded by some NATO forces which raided and finally killed its leader in the name of restoring democracy has now never seen peace after those bombings by NATO.  A clear illustrations of the continous exploits by the West on Africa but what makes this so abhoring has to be with the fact that, an African is part of this raid in the name of Barack Obama.

Another has to do with this. Every society has its owns values and customs which they cherish much. And also rules and regulations govern every country and they need to be respected as such. Hence one ponders when certain values and customs which are alien to our society are forced on us. With this, I want to raise the issue of homosexuality. Homosexuality is a culture adopted by most Western countries and legalized of course. But here we are in Africa now, with homosexuality being forced being forced on our neck. With Britain and America threatening to cut short aid to African countries which do not recognize gay rights. Is it really really right to force homosexuality on sovereign nations? when even in certain states in America gay marriages are no recognized.

”If people wants to be homosexuals, I have no problem with that. The problem arises for me when society is forced to accept as the norm. I mean how can the prime minister of Britain tell Africa to do this?” This was the reply His Excellency Professor John Evans Fiifi Ata Mills gave to Cameron the prime minister of Britain when he threatened to cut aid to Africa if we don’t embrace homosexuality. He was among a few who really a]talked back when Cameron made those ignorant statement.

What Africa now need are leaders who are self-sustaining  to drive this continent forward.


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