Offpage Seo Tips

You may write an excellent and fresh content but no one reading what you introduce, that is for one of two reasons:

First, you don’t know who you are waiting for

and second you don’t know much about seo .

that what we are talking about here , especially the most important part in seo

Offpage SEO

Now , it’s time to start offpage SEO, most of Search Engine optimizers are telling that Offpage seo is the most important, that doesn’t mean that onpage seo is wasting time , it also has to be done, but what will really make you feel the difference and high page rank and as a result 1st results on search engines is offpage seo.
As I mentioned before we can shortcut whole the process with one unique word , it’s BACKLINKS.
In brief , backlinks are links in other sites linking to you.

why are backlinks so important??
Most search engine algorithms thinking that backlinks pointing to the importance of your site , in other words , when there is many sites linking to you that means your site has wonderful , original and important content.
As a result your deserve to be on the first page of the search results unless it is the first result.
What parameters it depends on?

There are two paremeters that affects directly your backlinks and as aresult your search results:

1- Anchor text : it is the word displaying in other sites that is hyperlinked to your site.
For example , search google for the word “click here” , you will find adobe has the first result, although the whole page of doesn’t contain the word “click here”.
But there is millions of pages that using adobe links under the word “click here” , I think you got it.
So you must put the anchor text in your consideration, try to make all your backlinks have your keywords.

2- PR of sites linking to you : It is another important thing that must be taken in consideration.
PR : page rank of the sites is pointing also to their importance so, if high page rank ( important ) site is pointing to your site , that means your site is also important and must have good page rank and consequently high rank in search results.
It’s clear that there is valuable backlinks and useless backlinks, when you have a backlink in site that has no page rank it doesn’t refering that your site is important at all and vice versus.

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