Common Design Mistakes You Might be Committing With Your Custom Invitations

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Have you truly reviewed your designs for your custom invitations? Sometimes, you might not realize it, but you are already committing a few gross mistakes that will make your special invitations look cheap or boring. You must of course always try to avoid that from happening. The best way to avoid this is of course to know exactly what those mistakes are and try and correct them as soon as they appear in your drafts for invitations.
So for the sake of all your party invitations, birthday invitations, wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, bridal shower invitations and all other similar invitations, try to learn the following mistakes that we are going to list down. Once you learn about these mistakes and why they are wrong, you can more easily avoid them in your own drafts.
1. Using clip-art web images – It is a big mistake in invitation printing to use clip-arts and web images. I know you might have seen that most perfect clip-art or image to use in your invitations online, but that won’t be worth it if it is not optimized for professional invitation printing.
This is because typical printers like this need the highest resolution images you can get for a proper and sharp looking invitation. Otherwise, the whole invitation will look cheap as the images will look very fuzzy with amateur looking logos and actual photographs. Avoid this at all cost of course by always inserting only the best high quality design graphics.
2. Using bland centered layouts – Those who are just lazy designers typically use design layouts in invitation printing where the content and most of the graphics are aligned in the center. This is actually a sign of a fairly bland and basic invitation style that does not impact on most readers today as much.
Believe me, you will also NOT WANT to be in that situation especially with invitations since being remembered and impressing readers is the key factor to success. So try and be more creative with your layouts by aligning and positioning your content and graphics in more creative and innovative configurations.
3. Using plain backgrounds – If the background of your invitations are plain, it could be pretty boring. While it will be cheap and simple to make, it will not probably be half as effective as other full color invitations with interesting background textures, colors and gradients. With finely chosen design elements, you can make your invitations look a lot more special and natural looking as opposed to plain background style ones that just look to constructed. So be creative when possible and use more innovative backgrounds.
4. Using common fonts – For lazy designers, using common fonts is the easiest way to format the content of those invitations. Most of the time, your design software already provides some good fonts for you to consider using. However, these types of common fonts can be sometimes too common, especially if your rivals are using the same creative fonts as you.
To lessen the chances of that happening, it would be more recommended for you to use customized fonts either from more obscure font databases, or from your own paid custom made fonts. Your content will be a lot interesting and distinct when you use these more uncommon fonts instead.
5. Lack of color harmony (or too neutral color) – Lastly, a big mistake when printing invitations is for one to NOT consider color harmony in their designs, or at least just use plain neutral colors like black and white. Colors not only communicate the feelings of the invitation, but it also actually affects its visibility and overall impact on readers. It is best to always use color matching tools online to ensure that you get the hue and color settings right for a good and harmonious looking custom invitations.
If you print these and try to memorize these common mistakes, you should be a lot more competent and decisive with your special event invitations. So make sure this list is within easy reach for you when creating your designs.


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