Swtor Jedi Knight Leveling Tips And Strategy Walkthroughs

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Are you looking for best Star Wars The Old Republic Jedi Knight build guide that help you to achieve 1 to 50 level fast and easy? Searching best gears, weapons, and armors add-on for Jedi Knight advance classes in SWTOR? If yes, then you come into the right place. Here will share with you tips and strategies to become Anakin SkyWalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi with this magneficent SWTOR leveling guide.

There are over 30% of SWTOR players choose Jedi Knight as their classes mainly due to the powering lightsaber skills and super human abilities. If you already make decision to pick Jedi Knight as your class, then you should keep on reading below this articles for more leveling and PVP build tips and tricks.

The Jedi Knight is a warrior that build for battle. He has uphold integrity, honor and super human power that stand for justice and gain energy from the light side of forces. The Jedi Knight is the first to move front of battle lines and conquer opponents territories without hesitation. The Star Wars Jedi Knights are damage DPS class with dominate enemy with lightsaber and skills and not talking.

How To Build Stronger PVP Jedi Knight (Sentinel and Guardian)

SWTOR Jedi Knight capable to fight and battle more than 3 enemies in the same times, you need to have warrior heart in order to fasten class leveling. Jedi Knight use lightsaber as their weapons and wear medium-class armor for health protection and defect multiple opponents simultaneously.

The Jedi Knight Advances Classes

Once reached level 10, you can choose either Sentinel or Guardian as advance spesifications. The Sentinel is a DPS machine and has an acrobatic array with stunning slices to attack and win any fight. The Sentinel skill trees to purses are Watchman for Juyo form, Combat for Ataru form and Focus for Shii-Cho form.While for The Guardian is like a Jedi Knight tank and skill trees include Vigilance as weapons for attack and defense for increase buffs and focus.

If you like to become Obi-wan Kenobi and master Jedi Knight skills and increase power to dominate SWTOR classes, then you should get a professional SWTOR Jedi Knight Strategies and Leveling Guide to become master of the game.

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