The Muppet Movie 50Th Anniversary Edition Dvd

The Muppet Movie 50th Anniversary Edition DVD confuses me for many reasons. First, this is an anniversary release.  In most cases, that means you can find all kinds of special goodies on the disk.  There should be many extras, things like commentaries and “making of” featurettes.  Second, this is the jump off point for the treatrical Muppet movies.  This is the parent, the beginning, the one that said, “yes, we want it and more.”  I would think that would mean a DVD release would truly be something special, something that offers loyal viewers treats and excitement.

So what went wrong?  I am stunned that The Muppet Movie 50th Anniversary Edition DVD is a dud.  It is an absolute “Huh?” experience in terms of DVD offerings.  The single piece of bonus material is something called Pepe Profiles Present. I will admit that I do not know who Pepe is.  If he is a Muppet, I have somehow missed him in my Muppet roster.  I do not Pepe, no, Pepe, I do not.  Oops, wrong fandom.

The point is that Pepe’s little piece on Kermit, which is like a profile you might see on a Barbara Walters special, is the only extra on a DVD billed as a special anniversary product.  It almost feels fraudulent and misleading.  It goes beyond disappointment.  This movie deserves so much more respect than that, and so do the paying audience.

The Muppet Movie is an excellent film that shows the world how Kermit the Frog met up with each of the Muppets we have come to know and love.  It is entertaining, humorous, and touching, all at the same time.  It includes a bunch of human cameos from greats such as Milton Berle and Bob Hope as well as talent of the day greats, such as Steve Martin and Mel Brooks.

The front and back cover of the case are bright and festive with pictures of The Muppets.  The DVD also shows them as well.  The movie can be watched either in full frame or widescreen.

The movie is great, but this anniversary edition is nothing but a rip off, and that is truly sad.

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