The Song of Bernadette Studio Classics Dvd

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The Song of Bernadette Studio Classics DVD from 20th Century Fox is a nice offering of a wonderful black and white motion picture.  This 1943 motion picture won four Academy Awards, including an Oscar for star Jennifer Jones as Best Actress.  It is quite long, coming in at 156 minutes, but it never drags.  The story is incredible, and it definitely holds your attention.

The DVD case pictures Jones as the young Bernadette looking out at “the lady,” who is believed to be the Virgin Mary, though she never made such a claim herself.  It is quiet cover as would be appropriate.  The back cover includes two smaller pictures of the movie, one with Vincent Price and Jones, as well as the write up about the story along with the special features included.  The DVD disk sadly just has the film studio logo and name of the movie on it.

That is the good news, actually, that there are special features for this picture.  Of particular note is the audio commentary by Edward Z. Epstein and Jon Burlingame.  Both have a lot of insight to offer into the making of the picture, the hiring of Jones to play the lead role, and the actual story of Bernadette, who was as real person.  Though some aspects of the film are fictionalized, the miracle of Lourdes is considered an actual event.  They are not the best coupling I have heard doing a commentary, but they do have a lot to say that is worthwhile.

The extras include an interesting restoration comparison where parts of scenes are run side by side showing how the movie was before being restored.  I love these kind of visualizations.

There is also the A&E Network episode of Biography on Jones that delves into her life more deeply, including her marriage to Robert Walker and her suicide attempts.

The theatrical trailer and a Movietone Newsreel is also included.

The movie is presented in full frame and does offer subtitles in both English and Spanish.  Along with Jones and Price, the movie stars Charles Bickford, Lee J. Cobb, Gladys Cooper, and William Eythe.


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