The Longest Day Cinema Classics Collection Dvd Set

The Longest Day Cinema Classics Collection DVD set is one I am quite happy to finally have in my library. This historic account of D-Day is star-studded and thrilling to watch, each and every time.

The cover artwork is a recreation of the famous poster with the helmet lying on the beach as the ocean waves come crashing in.  The back cover has a ton of thumbnail pictures of the many celebrities who appeared in this film.  You couldn’t make a movie like this today.  It would cost millions upon millions with this kind of star power.

Disk one is also the poster shot, but the second DVD pictures Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda, and John Wayne. The interior case is a flip holder so each DVD has its own place to keep it safe.

The first disk has the movie, plus two separate commentaries.  The first is intriguing because it’s done by a woman.  I must admit that other than actresses who seem to just add color commentary with others, it is rare to listen to a woman expert do a solo commentary as happened here with Mary Corey.

Then there was the second full commentary with Ken Annakin.  He was one of four directors on the film and the only one still living at the time the DVD was made.  It was a quiet presentation.  He really did not have a lot to say.  Of course, it was difficult because he only directed a certain portion of the film.  Being so low key, though, made it tough to maintain interest.  It’s not his fault.  You could tell he felt the intensity and importance of the movie.  I think just the passage of time and not having that much to do with 3/4 of the film inhibited what Annakin could add.

Some of the extras in the set include A Day to Remember which mostly is an interview with Annakin; History Through the Lens, narrated by Burt Reynolds (a History Channel show from 2001s; AMC Backstory; D-Day Revisited documentary; and the theatrical trailer.

The movie itself is present in anamorphic widescreen with English, Spanish and French listening options.

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