Value of Trust

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Trust is not an easy thing to gain. We must be true and honest enough as well as have care and affection with other and do a lot of good things to get trust from others. Never try to betray the person whoever trust you, as well as don’t trust anyone easily without proper understanding. Trust is really a great thing which is having a lot of importance. 

First of all we must have a good understanding with the person before having faith and trust with them. In this modern days it is very hard to trust a person, because most of them are selfish and think about their own things, no one come forward to think about their friend’s or relatives welfare, we must be very lucky to have a kind friend or good relative who are selfless and caring about us forever, if we have this kind of person in our life, we can trust them without hesitation.

Trust is playing an important role in our life, it is very hard to live without trust, we must trust and have faith with our self  before starting anything, as well as have trust and understanding with our close friends and beloved ones. If we come to know that some of our trusted person doing some betraying activities to us, it is really hard to tolerate the pain, because we believe the person a lot with our trust and hope they never cheat us with their activities. Trust is the main factor in most relationship and friendship, without trust it is very hard to maintain a relationship for a long time and most of the relationships are break out due to lack of trust. 

Having blind trust with a person is also not a good thing, don’t believe anyone without proper understanding or keep faith with him/her without more knowledge about them. Always trust the person whoever is good to us as well as judge a person with his activities and attitudes. Take a lot of time to build your trust with a person, this kind of long term bond only help us to avoid unwanted disappointments.


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