Muppet Treasure Island

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This is definitely not the standard Treasure Island that kids have grown up with.  Muppet Treasure Island truly puts its own spin on things.  If you do not realize that right away, you get it when Long John Silver has a talking crutascion on his shoulder instead of a talking parrot.

This presentation is not done like The Muppet Movie.  It is instead offered as the Muppets appearing in a movie, so it is them, but as actors performing roles.

One of the things I just do not like is that it takes way too long before we first see Kermit the Frog.  I love the Muppets, but the number one Muppet is Kermit, and it just took too long for his character to be introduced into the action.  I did not time it but I believe it is almost a half hour before we see Kermit at all.  Likewise, it was even longer before we even get a whiff of Miss Piggy.  Perhaps the movie should have done to somehow flashback.  I just was not pleased to have to wait so long to see these two in the film.

I do like the roll call on the ship that shows off a variety of intriguing characters.  It was one of the more fun moments.

What was also great was the music.  It was dramatic and powerful for a Muppet caper like this one.  Yet every song except for one toward the end drew me in and made me want to watch, whereas some of the plot had me less than interested.  I also loved the duet that rolled over the credits that was quite lovely.

Tim Curry starred as Long John Silver.  I just still have a hard time thinking of Curry doing these kid type of movies, but he was very good.  The most ridiculous scene, though, belongs to him and Kermit when they were supposed to be having a sword fight.  Let’s face it — tall human being versus small frog should not have been much of a contest.  It just did not work for me at all.

So, for me, this movie is a bit of a hit and miss.  I enjoy the Muppets in the adventure, but I have issues with the absence of Kermit and Piggy during large portions of it.


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