Online Gambling Tips

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81. Know what the law is in your area regarding gambling online. It’s illegal to place wagers online in some jurisdictions. We don’t know where you live or what the laws are there, so please don’t write to us for advice on the legality matters. We leave that up to you.

82. Read the terms and conditions of any bonus offer before you accept the bonus. A lot of times, certain games are excluded, and usually you’re required to make a certain minimum number of wagers before being able to cash out any wins.

83. Most casino games online aren’t “rigged”. They don’t have to be rigged. The house has an advantage already, so as long as you’re playing, they’re making money from the house edge.

84. If you do have a problem with a casino, it will probably involve a problem with your withdrawal. It won’t be a problem with a game that “cheats”.

85. Be courteous to any online casino staff you deal with. There isn’t any point in creating problems by being a jerk to people you don’t know. Most online casinos are offshore, so they’re staffed by people who might not be as fluent in English as you’d like. That’s just part of playing at an online casino, so don’t get frustrated.

86. Slot machine games online generally have excellent payout percentages, better even than a lot of land-based casinos. The online casinos don’t have the expenses that land-based casinos have, like cocktails and floor staff, rent, air conditioning, and so on. So they can afford to let you play a little longer on your gambling dollar.

87. Do some research before playing at an online casino. There are some unethical casinos out there. Try Casinomeister’s site for some discussion about which casinos are good and which ones might be sinister.

88. Try the free version of the software before depositing any money. There is no point to wasting your money playing games you don’t like when you can try the games for free. And almost all online casinos have a free version of their software that you can try out.

89. NETeller is an easy option to fund an online casino account. Paypal doesn’t allow online gambling transactions, but NETeller is the next best thing. And lots of online casinos offer bonus money for players who use NETeller to fund their accounts. (Update – if you live in the USA, you can no longer use NETeller for online gambling purposes.)

90. Online casino games can be great practice for a live casino experience. You will inevitably pick up the rules for how to play if you pay attention. There might be minor variations live, but it beats playing completely clueless.


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