For The Health Benefits of Fruit Squash

In General, the pumpkin is not alien to the community, most notably Indonesia dipelosok area. Already many food creations born from it. The texture of the fruit of the gourd is usually dense, crunchy and sweet, and many contain water, therefore in the Arab world the nature of this fruit cold and humid. Keringnya fruit stand is stored for a year. Skin fruit gourd is hard to get used to the water. In China the pumpkin fruit peels were used to store wine. Her nickname is also diverse. In Java, known by the name of a different slightly with Waluh community Madura Labuh. In Malaysia the gourd called Pumpkin-metah. Some are calling it the Pumpkins Parang.

If cooked in coconut milk, it’s best for the seeds included, according to results of a number of research, pumpkin seeds (which is red or yellow) contain a lot of useful for health. In pumpkin seeds are red found a number of rare amino acid, such as m-karboksifenilalanina, firazoalanina, amino acids, butyric, etilasparagina and strulina.

Pumpkin seeds also contain red mineral Zn (zinc) and Mg (magnesium), which is critical to the health of the reproductive organs, including the prostate gland.There is also the main fat content, such as linoleic acid, oliat acid and linolenic acid and slightly acidic vitamin e.

Pumpkins also contains all the named substances, Glycine and Alanine acid glutamar, which also includes types of amino acids. These substances are found in pumpkin red and yellow at once. From different records found this a nutritious amino acid prevent or cope with an enlarged prostate or Benign hypertrophy (begin prostatic hyperplasia), which took place in adult men. Benign prostatic hypertrophy is one of the dreaded disease because this is the right men in prostate fluid production that will provide food for sperm. Damage to the prostate gland which followed an inability to produce sperm with infertility.

Utilization of pumpkin seeds for the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy fairly major attractions in the world of health and has been interpreted since a long time. A famous doctor from Germany, Dr. w. Devrient, rumored to recommend their patients ‘ eating pumpkin seeds, especially the pumpkin red, on a regular basis in order to impede the enlargement of the prostate gland. Even the Red pumpkin seeds are believed to increase the power of sexuality men voluptuous return. Based on research, men who are accustomed to eating pumpkin seeds reportedly do not experience disruption red prostate gland during his life. Pumpkin seeds could be consumed in the form in coconut milk, boiled or roasted peanuts kuaci, with Crock.

In Indonesia generally fruit gourd are produced in medium size (this fruit can reach weights 30 kg). However in Central Java plentiful Kopeng fruit pumpkin are great-the great variety of its kind.

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