The Archie Show: The Complete Series Dvd Set

The Archie Show: The Complete Series DVD set is one of those fun things that transports you back in time to a world that was much more innocent and carefree than how life is today.  I recall watching this show and others and loving them.  In fact, there were several series with The Archies, and this is just one of them.

This DVD offering is a two-disk set.  The front cover has a large happy image of Archie and 3 images of the gang in various activities.  The back cover has another cast image and the write up about the set.

Negatively, the artwork on the disks are rather unappealing.  Each has a large black outer ring and then an inner ring that is either red or yellow with the same individual images of the five main characters.  I don’t get the black for a children’s cartoon.  It just was blah and uninspired.  It would not have taken much to make this more exciting.

There are a few special features in the set, including an interview with Lou Scheimera, the producer of The Archie Show.  It was clear he loved the characters.  I liked his openness in saying what he actually did or did not recall.  There was an honesty in that which I appreciated.

All of the music from the various episodes is available in a jukebox presentation, which is nice.

Each show had a main cartoon and then a dance instruction piece followed by a dance.  For its time, this type of thing was quite unusual. In fact, the concept of The Archies itself was different, considering that it had the usual kid stuff in cartoon form while also crossing the barrier and having romantic situations for the older kids.

The Archies were Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, and Jughead.  Archie was the boy next door, while Betty was the average teenage girl.  Veronica and Reggie were both more well to do, especially Reggie whose money was often part of the story.

Jughead had a dog who was a big part of things as well.  Then there was the school principal and one of their teachers who played recurring roles, as well as the various parents.

All of this equaled a lot of good entertainment.

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