The Sound of Music

One of the greatest movies of all time is The Sound of Music, a wonderful musical that has as a basis the real life story of Maria Von Trapp.  However, this is a fantasized version of the truth, so it should not truly be considered a biography in any way.  Rather, it is a story that lifts segments of Maria’s life and then turns it into a lovely tale of love and family.

As a musical, much of the strength of the picture is its song score which is rich.  Coming from Rodgers and  Hammerstein, it includes now classic tunes as Do Re Mi, My Favorite Things, and the dramatic and inspiring Climb Every Mountain.

Making the film work are a heap of tremendous performers, including Julie Andrews as Maria and Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp.  The children are equally vital and all turned in awesome jobs. Charmian Carr, Heather Menzies, Angela Cartwright, Duane Chase, Nicholas Hammond, Debbie Turner, and little Kym Karath were marvelous.  Karath was the youngest and so adorable.

My favorite moments of the movie are many.  One moment I like is right after the Captain bonds once again with his children. They gather in one room, and he sings Edleweiss to them and is joined by his oldest daughter.  I just find it tender and delightful.

The Do Re Mi section is so much fun.  Not only does is show off Salzburg, Austria, but it is just upbeat and makes you want to sing along, which I usually do whenever I watch the movie.

I adore the scene with the nuns, including those played by Anna Lee and Marni Nixon, where they sing the song Maria.  It shows such gaiety and it actually conceptualizes the character of Maria quite well.

In truth, about the only bit I do not like is the puppet show sequence and song.  For whatever reason, even as a child, I was less than enchanted, bored even. It is the only part of the movie I have never liked.  I now consider it my intermission.

However, the rest of this movie inspires and thrills.  I just love it.

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