Oklahoma! The 50Th Anniversary Edition Dvd

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Oklahoma! The 50th Anniversary Edition DVD has some good extras included in it, which makes me it a winner in my book.  That said I do not understand why the write up on the back cover does not contain the special features on the DVD.  All it mentions, for some reason, is the theatrical trailer.  That is just strange.  In fact, while this is the 50th anniversary set, it does not say so on the DVD case.

The movie was digitally mastered in THX for this release and is provided in anamorphic widescreen.  It is a two-disk offering.

The first disk has the Cinemascope version of the movie with commentary by Ted Chapin and Hugh Fordin. The disk also contains a singalong, individual or as part of the movie.

Disk two has the Todd-AO version of the film with some terrific commentary by Nick Redman and Shirley Jones.  These two apparently did this session and then followed it up with one for Carousel.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed listening to Jones.  This was her first film, and her impressions as a young ingenue was quite fascinating to listen to.  I learned a lot about her that I did not know as well.

One feature deals with the difference between Cinemascope (twice as wide as what preceded it via an anamorphic lens) and Todd-AO (taller image and curved screens) that was created by Michael Todd.  This was really fascinating and a great little tutorial on these two techniques.  Oklahoma was filmed in both Cinemascope and Todd-AO.  I wish I had watched this little featurette before watching the movies, to be honest, so that I could have been looking for things specifically in order to compare the two.  Todd-AO had 6 audio tracks total versus 4 by their competitor.

Other features include The Miracle of Todd-AO which as a neat rollercoaster ride and breathtaking plane flight over the snowy mountains as examples and The March of Todd-AO.  The song chapter index has a nifty “play all” option, which I love, but while it is nice to have the singing elements all tied together, it is sometimes a little choppy.  Sometimes they leave in dialog that was in the middle of big numbers and at other times they cut it out.

Great set.


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