How to Sell your Home Faster

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Selling a home is not an easy thing, following these suggestions will help you to sell your home quickly and for the best price you can get. If you have vacated the property it is a simple matter of cleaning the home inside and out, if you are still living there, it may be more involved.  This article is primarily written to help people who are trying to sell the home they currently live in. 

Reduce. Pack all unnecessary items now. This can include things like clothing, dishes, knick knacks, books, videos and so forth.  Take the boxes to a friend, or relatives, house, if you cannot do this, rent a storage unit, or place the boxes neatly in your garage.

Hide. If you have children, get a toy box and teach them to pick up after themselves every time they are done playing. Fewer things on your floor or furniture will give an overall feeling of a roomier home.

Fix. Examine your home as if you were a buyer.  Repair any thing that needs it, such as a dripping tap or a door that does not shut correctly. Small repairs will pay off big time.

Clean. Clean each room methodically, pay close attention to the kitchen and front entry ways. Counter tops should have nothing on them except perhaps a basket of fruit, and clean coffee maker. If you have reduced the items in your cupboards you can quickly hide any other appliances in them prior to a showing.

Paint. Homes look larger and cleaner when freshly painted with a light color. If any walls in your home are in poor shape a quick coat of paint will brighten them up.  Consider outside trim as well as indoor walls. 

Mow. Keep the yard neat, free of weeds,  and well trimmed. Make sure children’s toys are removed when not in use, and garbage is out of site. 

Plant. Bedding plants will quickly add curb appea  Petunias, either in the ground or in baskets, will greatly add to creating an over all attractive look to your home. They come in a variety of colors so you can easily work with the colors of your home, or national flag.  Sweet Peas require more growing time, but smell wonderful.  Marigolds add a splash of bright and cheerful color.  You can create a smoother look by having lots of plants, but of only one kind. 


A nice enough house.  If they planted cedars against the house it would have looked better, a red door would grab more attention, and the walk should be shoveled.  Photo from Wikimedia.

Season.   Maybe you are selling in the off season (more homes sell spring and fall), you should still keep the yard clean, rake any leaves, remove any snow. 

Pets. Not everyone likes the smell of pets, and you probably do not even notice yours. Cat litter must be cleaned regularly, and kept fresh. Dogs must be picked up after immediately. Remove or kennel your pets when showing your home. You may consider having a friend or relative look after your pet for the time your home is listed.

Neighborhood. If a nearby property is neglected you can call your local city hall and force the owner to clean it up.

Price.  Do you want to sell quick, or get top dollar?   A well priced home will sell fast, consider how much it costs you to not sell the house quickly, and reduce the price accordingly.  Consider what other similar homes have sold for in your area. 

List. Selecting a Real Estate agent to help sell your home will usually result in a faster sale. Make sure they are using a multiple listing service so your home is seen by more viewers. You will lose some on commission, but will also have fewer headaches than doing it on your own.

Maintain. Once your house is listed it is very important that you keep up with the maintenance in terms of cleaning and yard care. Always put toys, and items, not in use away immediately.

Fresh. Make your home smell fresh by lighting a candle or similar, but be careful what scent you use. Stay away from heavy floral or perfume-like smells as they may offend. Citrus smells, or subtle smells of baking tend to be best.

With a little effort you can have your home looking like a show home, which is what buyers want to see.


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