The Sound of Music 40Th Anniversary Edition Dvd Set

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The Sound of Music 40th Anniversary Edition DVD set is chalk full of fun things for movie lovers.  Many of the cast members participated in special featurettes and such, so that just made it even more special.

The movie musical is one of the best ever made and tells the story of the Family Von Trapp, Hollywood style.  The stars included Julie Andrews as Maria and Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp.  Eleanor Parker plays a love interest, with Peggy Wood as the Mother Superior.

The cover art of this two DVD set has an image of Julie Andrews on the mountaintop.  This is actually from the opening scene of the film.  The back cover features the gazebo shot of Andrews and Plummer toward the end of the movie, plus the write up and list of special features included in the set.

The movie is an anamorphic widescreen presentation with Dolby Digital sound.

Disk 1 has the movie and two sets of commentary, one with Andrews and Plummer and one with director, Robert Wise.  Now the Wise one may be a repeat from another release.  It features Wise’s comment on some scenes, and then the rest of the movie focuses on just the sounds of the film.  It really is quite different.  I have a Wise commentary on another release, but I have not listened to it in a long time and do not recall if this is the same or not.

Listening to Andrews and Plummer was nice.  They both remember different things and that brought up a lot of diverse remarks.  The only down side is that I was left with a lot of questions.  I really wanted to know more and felt a little let down, even though I loved it.

Disk 2 is chalk full of neat extras, beginning with a disk introduction by Andrews.  Some of the extras include My Favorite Things: Julie Andrews Remembers, a conversation with Andrews and Plummer, a really nice reunion of the children, A&E’s Biography on the Trapp Family Singers, an actual singalng event at the Hollywood Bowl, Mia Farrow’s screen test for Liesl, On Location with The Sound of Music, and a restoration comparison which is cool.

Any fan of this musical will love this set.


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