The King And I The 50Th Anniversary Edition Dvd

This version of the The King and I DVD is a two-disk set with quite a few extras.  However, there are multiple versions out there so it is important to know which one this review is about.  This one was digitally mastered in THX and is presented in anamorphic widescreen.  It was released in 2007 and is referred to as The King And I The 50th Anniversary Edition DVD.

The front cover is a scene from Shall We Dance and depicts the power and romance of the characters at the same time.  It is a great choice for the cover.  This is also used for the artwork on the first disk in the set.  The back cover shows Kerr as Anna teaching the children, plus a small write up on the movie.  What is lack is the list of special features.  For some reason, it is incomplete.

Disk One has the movie plus an interesting commentary that was both informative and easy to listen to.  There were two men participating in a discussion, and I just liked the way they related to each other and talked to the audience, aka: me.

It includes a song chapter  index where you can just play the songs back to back like watching the soundtrack.  I enjoy this feature.

Disk Two is all special features.  The worst part about most of the extras is that the narrator is too soft spoken and lacks excitement.  He bores me terribly.  I am not sure who it was, but I hope he does not show up on more DVDs in the future.

The first offering on the disk is Something Wonderful, a featurette on the making of The King and I that was quite informative.  There were also several short featurettes with a lot of talk about Yul Brynner and also Gertrude Lawrence as The King and I developed on stage.  Their personalities and lives are part of the story as well.

The disk also includes the pilot for Anna and the King, the TV series, with Brynner and Samantha Eggar.  They even have commentary for it, which is cool.  Eggar did the commentary and was really great to listen to.  I very much enjoyed her remarks about the brief TV series.

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