Carousel The 50Th Annivesary Edition Dvd

I was able to receive the Carousel the 50th Anniverary Edition DVD as this has always been a musical favorite of mine.  I grew up watching it and thrilling to the songs included in by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

The DVD, which is a two-disk set, features a nice commentary with Nick Redman and Shirley Jones, who apparently did this commentary right after completing the one for Oklahoma.  I like it because it was very natural, and it was like listening in on an easy going discussion about movies.  Their chat revealed a lot of information.  I was even fascinated by how often Jones talked about her first husband, the late Jack Cassidy.  I really enjoyed the detail about the  movie and the stars that came out, especially the insight on Gordon MacRae, Jones’ romantic co-star in the film.

The first disk also has the singalong options and the song chapter index that lets you watch just the musical numbers.  You can do it individually or use the “play all” option, which I usually prefer.

The second disk in the set has the French movie, Liliom on it.  I had never seen it, so was quite intrigued by its inclusion in the set.  Liliom, which while similar to the Carousel we know, is also vastly different in presentation and even in plot to a degree.  Oddly, I actually liked this movie and while some do not appreciate the ending in this version, I do not have a problem with it.  Liliom is not a musical, though it does have a couple of song segments in it as part of the storytelling.

The disk also contains a Movietone News Reel, the theatrical trailer, another featurette, and an excerpt from a golden age TV special that included John Raitt and Jan Clayton.  Those two were the original stars when Carousel opened on Broadway.  They are shown here singing a couple of songs.

The artwork on the cover features a wonderful promotional shot of Jones and MacRae, while the back has a scene shot of them and two of the other performers from the film.  The cover shot is presented again on Disk 1 with another shot of Jones and MacRae on the second disk.

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