South Pacific Collector's Edition Dvd

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The South Pacific Collector’s Edition DVD was very interesting to watch and listen to.  I actually learned quite a bit about how the various productions came to be and the casting.

The movie stars Mitzi Gaynor as Nellie Forbush and John Kerr as Lt. Joe Cable, among several others.  I have a lot of mixed feelings about the film because while the music is vibrant and enchanting, I do not like the resolution to the plot at all.

The first disk in this set includes ommentary by Ted Chapin and Gerard Assendrini.  They had a lot to say about the production.

Disk Two also has a commentary that is a bit different.  It is for the Road Show version of South Pacific.  The entire road show edition, which is almost 15 minutes longer than the general release version, is on this disk as well, so you can just watch it in full or tune into this commentary.  I actually like this one commentary better than the other.  Richard Barrios is pleasant to listen to, and he lets listeners in on just where those cuts are.  I appreciated that information.

There is also a Making of South Pacific featurette, which I believe to be more of a featurette that someone decided to say was a “making of.”  Yes, it had a lot of footage from the shoot, but I get the impression this was almost like a Movietone News creation. It is done in black and white, also.

Then there is a portion of an edition of the TV news program, 60 Minutes, hosted by Diane Sawyer.  It is entitled Tales of the South Pacific and features James Michener.  Sawyer and Michener actually go to the South Pacific to discuss his book and the movie, and you meet the inspiration for the Bloody Mary character, which was interesting.

Two songs that are part of Mitzi Gaynor’s screen test are included, plus a couple of Movietone News stories and the film’s theatrical trailer.  More included so there is quite of a bit of bonus material on the two disks.

I am glad to have this, and I still love the music.


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