The Rodgers And Hammerstein Collection

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The Rodgers and Hammerstein Collection is a boxed set of six of their greatest productions, many of which include a slew of bonus materials.  This set is often more economical than purchasing each of these DVDs separately and yet for most, you are getting the same great movies and extras.

I was so happy and pleased to receive this set as a gift.  After watching the entire collection, I just know it is one that I will continue to get hours and hours of enjoyment from over the years, so I am saying in advance that this set is superb and comes highly recommended.

Included in this special collection are the 50th anniversary edition of Carousel, the 50th anniversary edition of The King and I, the 50th anniversary edition of Oklahoma, the 40th anniversary edition of The Sound of Music, the South Pacific Collectors Edition, and the 60th anniversary edition of State Fair.  Interestingly, not all of the cases identify the DVDs as being these special editions, even though they are pictured in the advertising as being that way.  However, I definitely checked to make sure those were the products included in this collection, and they are.

The box that houses the individual DVDs is suitably durable and features images from all six productions on the front and back covers.  Each of the movies offers a set of two DVDs so there are both movie and special feature disks.  I have actually reviewed all of these offerings separately so for the details on these DVDs as individual offerings, just do a search.  This report will just give a few of the highlights for me.

All of the releases follow a standard pattern, which I actually appreciate.  The menus are the same style with the same layout.  Also, what is on the first disks tends to be the same — primary commentary, singalong, and song chapter only option (it is like watching a video soundtrack) — though some disks have more extras on their Disk One DVD.  The second disks include all kinds of bonus materials, including some secondary commentary tracks, vintage show numbers, featurettes, and much more.

These are quality disks.  While some sets have more meat to them than others, all are good and have a lot to offer.


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