State Fair 60Th Anniversary Edition Dvd Set

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The State Fair 60th Anniversary Edition DVD Set is a bit unusual in that it contains two versions of the film.  Disk One has the 1945 movie version on it, while Disk Two has the 1962 version of the movie.  This is the one with Pat Boone.  The commentaries spoke so much about an earlier 1933 version, and there were even shots of this throughout the bonus material, that I really wish they had included it as well.  I would have liked to have seen how all three movies stacked up against one another.

Both movies have commentary, though by different people.  The 1945 version features comments by Richard Barrios and Tom Briggs, while Boone provides the comments for the movie he starred in.  Listening to Boone was fun.  I always prefer hearing what the actors have to say because they can relate to the scenes differently than film historians and such.  He was there and fortunately remembered quite a bit about the shooting.

The second disk also includes the TV pilot for State Fair that starred Vera Miles, Tim O’Connor, Mitch Vogel, Julie Cobb, and Linda Purl.  I am glad it was included, but I also understood why the show never was a success.

There are a few other featurettes on both disk as well as the singalong option and theatrical trailers.

The 1945 version is presented full screen, while the 1962 one is anamorphic widescreen.  Both are captioned and dual layer with various subtitles.

The cover artwork is of the 1945 stars, including Jeanne Crain.  Her co-stars in the movie included Dana Andrews, Dick Haymes, and Vivian Blaine.  Some of these folks are pictured on the back cover, as are a few of the 1962 performers, primarily Boone and Ann-Margret.

The two disks follow the same style, with the two young lovers from each movie on the disk, along with the film title and year.

Prior to getting the DVD, I had not seen the ’45 version, so it was good to see that, and I had only watched the ’62 edition once.  Now I can watch whenever I want, and I plan to watch both again at some point.


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