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We are in now 21st century – digital age. This is the period of latest technology and internet revolution. Then why traditional marketing is still effective? You may consider traditional marketing out dated but it is still prove to be very effective in today’s marketing activities. When internet was not discovered, postcard marketing was the frontrunner in the marketing industry. Every business was using postcards to communicate with their customers. While the introduction of Internet, why people are still using postcard marketing.

There are many big and small businesses that are using postcard marketing for the promotion of their business. Even many established business companies still use postcard marketing to send their customers and clients. It looks like that these cards will not going anywhere.

Postcard marketing is still very effective until today because they get read by the customers practically. People still love to receive postcards in their mail box. People always seem to be favoring email marketing than traditional mail. It’s a breather to see attractively designed postcards in the mail box. It is not hard to read beautifully designed postcards sitting next to your other mails.

The postcards still can do work in this modern world. The measurement of postcard is only 4 inches by 6 inches and they can deliver your message in a very quick manner.  You don’t need to have enveloped because postcards are displayed and open. They are always ready to read to anytime. Anyone who see your postcard, can read your message and may contact you for the interesting offer. This is a great way t increase your sales leads.

Closing sales with postcards can be risky for your business, so never try to close your sales with the postcard marketing. As postcard is small and it has very small area to provide your marketing message, so you need to carefully add your business information on the postcard. Too much information can confuse your client and he/she may through into a trash. Instead, you need only need to tell your prospects the additional benefits of your new products and services and give them contact information for further details.

The great thing about postcards is that you don’t need to have special skills and proficiency in order to make great postcards. Just you need to have little creativity to design your postcards. Create your postcard message impressively to compel your readers. Your printer can help you out in designing and printing postcards.

Your postcard should contain;

·         Impressive messages

·         Catchy headline

·         Humor sense graphics if needed

·         High resolution pictures

·         Subscription offers

·         Use postcards as sales coupon, if needed

·         Offer some discount to your customers

·         Your company business address

·         Your compnay contact information

·         Website url

·         Phone number, fax number

If you create postcards effectively, it does work. Remember, postcard marketing is not a one time job. You need to do it repeatedly. You should be very consistent in your postcard marketing. If you do repeat your postcard marketing campaign six to seven times, your business message and logo will be memorized by your prospects. Good offer and consistency will surely generate high response rates from your customers. Good Luck!

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