The Love Bug Special Edition Dvd

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The Love Bug Special Edition DVD is a two DVD set that is fun for Disney lovers to own.

The first disk has the movie on it.  This is a delightful classic that stars Herbie, Dean Jones, Michelle Lee, and Buddy Hackett.  It is pure gold, with plenty of laughs, a decent amount of touching moments, and the Disney stamp of family films.

It includes audio commentary with Jones and Hackett, together, which is cool. Lee also provides commentary, but she did it separately.  The two tracks are intermingled quite nicely.

It was fascinating to hear Jones say that he still had one of the cars, which I thought was delightful.  It was quite a different set of comments, too.  Dean and Buddy just talked to each other as they watched, and their conversation went all over the place.

Lee, meanwhile, was set on explaining a lot about how things were shot and the technical aspects of things.

I especially enjoyed the talk about the hippie in the movie, and the continuity bit about Lee’s earrings.  I was surprised at what I will call the admission of vanity and egotism by both Jones and Lee.  I really have not heard something like that on a commentary track before.

The Disk two menu is complicated and unclear.  It could be a lot more user friendly and obvious about where to go to find each category of extra.  I found it to be rather frustrating.

On the positive side, I love that the still gallery is self-advancing.  I hate having to click through photo after photo.  This was a great way to enjoy the pictures.

The love for Herbie is so obvious, from all of the actors and crew.  That really stands out as you listen to all of the extras.  It’s believable, too.

There are actually a lot of featurettes on the bonus DVD.  It is grand that all three of the main stars so willingly took part.  There is plenty of footage from various Herbie events and comparison of how Herbie was altered from movie to movie.  This was released circa 2003 so it was before the Lindsay Lohan version was made.

This is a great set to own.


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