Looking for another job while working

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Most people are always looking to advance their career and move on to something better.  It may prove difficult to search for another job while still working but it is not impossible.

First, if you work during the day you can use your evenings after work to do your job search.  I would recommend using the Internet first.  The Internet has several excellent job sites, which list various jobs, and the sites are normally updated on a weekly basis.

In addition, you want to check the newspapers classifieds.  There may be jobs listed in the paper that are not on the Internet.  The Sunday paper usually has many job listings and many are fresh listings.

It is best never to tell any one you work with that you are seeking other employment.  By telling one person, the entire office could easily find out and if that happens it may make the atmosphere unpleasant for you.  Make sure to keep the search to yourself.  If and when you are made an offer by another company, it is at that time you should let your employer know.

If you are able to secure job interviews, try to schedule early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  This would allow you to take some morning hours away from work and you don’t have to tell your employer why.  Most people have vacation days and personal time in which they are entitled. 

If you use your current employer for a reference, make it clear to prospective employers that you would prefer if they did not contact them for a reference.  Most companies understand and they will honor your request.

If an offer is made, make sure you give your boss at least two weeks notice.  In some cases it may be appropriate to give more than two weeks but it is not required.


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