Nokia N8 Review, Photos Become More Perfect

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Well maybe this product from Nokia can be used as consideration for those of you who want to buy a new phone. What will my cell phone review? Nokia N8 aka Vasco. The first thing this phone is fantastic from his camera with a resolution of 12 MP! using a Carl Zeiss lens, is really perfect for a camera phone.

So what features does this phone? wow a lot, one of which Usb on the go. Features that are predicted to boom this is indeed an exciting breakthrough. Simply plug in USB devices such as flash, or external hard drive with a usb connector then we can play music files in it. For those of you who like pictures, this phone has a 12 MP digital camera with Carl Zeiss lens equipped with a xenon flash, with detailed specification as it seems you no longer need to carrying a digital camera, just to do with this phone, the picture is not inferior to the existing digital camera on the market. The results of a sharp image, and the shutter spped is also fast loading, perfect for such a phone camera. Well then How about memory? Take it easy because it needs to store the photos you will feel fulfilled because this phone has 16 GB of internal memory, enough to store thousands of images with high resolution.

Regarding display, this phone does not disappoint. With AMOLED display 3.5 “feels able to spoil your eyes when accessing the menu in it, the phone also has an HDMI port to be connected with TV full HD and dual charging ports, which means the phone can be charged through conventional micro usb and charger.
In the multimedia sector, there are many interesting features you can download them 4 million free songs through ovistore, of course you must have an account ove first. in addition, there are also features FM transmitter, and motion sensors.

Well the last one, the phone is equipped with anodized aluminum casing, aka aluminum that has been through the anodition process of making aluminum chasing is 10x stronger than ordinary aluminum!
conclusion, this phone is worthed for those of you who have the funds “more” and to target the high end phones


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